Day 5: Tuesday, September 12

In & Around The Red Light District

Amsterdam is keeping us in great physical shape: between dodging the killer cyclists, tornado-like winds and insistent rain we’re working off all that lovely Dutch cuisine.

Today we spent the day in and around the Amsterdam’s Red Light district (don’t worry, it’s not as seedy as it sounds). We visited:

Our Lord In The Attic Church

A hidden Catholic church in the top of a house, preserved from the era when Catholicism was illegal in the Netherlands:

Oude Kerk (Old Church)

The Oude Kerk is the oldest building in Amsterdam, founded in 1213. It was a medieval Catholic cathedral later stripped down to Protestant bareness by the Dutch:

The gold foil on the floor is actually an art exhibit that was taking place, not gold the Catholics sneaked back in!

The Amsterdam Museum

This is a fascinating museum that traces the history of Amsterdam. The pictures don’t do it any justice but it was quite an interesting visit.

Reflections of Vince!

Miscellaneous Stuff From The Day

And yes, they now have Hudson’s Bay stores in Amsterdam. Good to see Canadiana abroad.
Oh look! Another canal… what a surprise.
And… another Amsterdam bike, built for two in this case

Over & out from rainy Amsterdam!

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