Day 6: Wednesday, September 13

Another Soggy Day In Amsterdam

I doubt there is much rain left in the rest of the world, as it’s all falling in Amsterdam! Doing our best to keep spirits up and the adventures continuing in spite of the incessant, relentless, at times torrential, rain.

Selfies in the rain
Uhhhhh… exactly where is the sunshine?
On the Herengracht

Hermitage Amsterdam

We made our way to the Hermitage Amsterdam to take in the exhibit 1917 Romanovs & Revolution. Vince has always been a big fan of the Russian Romanov dynasty so this was a fantastic opportunity to see this unique exhibit of the actual Romanov artifacts. The timing for us seeing this exhibit was perfect as it closes on September 17.

Hermitage entrance
In the exhibit entrance
Exhibit introduction, made to resemble the St. Petersburg Passage
The four Grand Duchesses & the Tsarevich with some of their belongings
With the sculptures in “The Plantage”, an outdoor art exhibit behind the Hermitage


We then moved on to Museumplein, which is a huge public space in the Museum Quarter of Amsterdam. The square houses three major museums – the Rijksmuseum, the van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum.

Entrance to Museumplein
Greetings from the Museumplein. And yes, that actually is sunshine you see behind me. It lasted a sum total of 30 seconds so we took advantage of the photo op.

Canal Cruise

Leaving the Museumplein we hopped a canal boat tour, which is a must-do activity when visiting Amsterdam. The view from the canal added quite a different perspective to the scenery.

Magere Brug
The Memo Science Museum. This is a massive science centre/museum predominantly aimed at kids.
And yes, even the meerkats enjoy the local green here

Local van Gogh street art

And that was about it for today!

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