Welcome to my humble travel blog site!

OK, so why keep an online blog/diary of my travels? In all my years of travel, be it solo or with Vince, I’ve always kept a detailed daily journal of everything I/we have done during a trip. It is important to me that I do this; years later, when I look back on any of my travel journals, they bring back that warm and fuzzy feeling (well, usually… depends on the destination). On this site, I mostly use photos to carry the narrative of a daily posting; my travel site is more of an online trip diary with photos than an information/educational type of travel blog site.

Blog Beginnings

Travel is a little less fun when you have no one to share the experiences with. In September of 2017, Vince and I made a trip to Amsterdam. This travel blog was originally conceived for that trip as a way for Vince and I to share our daily pictures and experiences with friends and family back home. My travel photo blog site mushroomed from that concept.

Many of my “Wanderings” on this site prior to September 2017 have been put together in retrospect. The ever-present threat of COVID-19 has completely halted all our travel plans, internationally and locally. Although many people do, I’m not comfortable right now flying internationally until this plague is mostly, or well, behind us; it’s no fun travelling to a city you’ve always wanted to see if all the museums, attractions, etc. on your bucket list are closed due to COVID. Basically, because we’ve been unable to travel the last couple of years, I’ve turned my attention to developing this site – if I can’t be travelling I want to at least write about travelling! To quote Dr. Evil, throw me a frickin’ bone here people.

Since starting my online blogging of trips, I have developed a HUGE level of respect for those who travel blog/vlog professionally on social media and video platforms (i.e. YouTube, etc.). The level of dedication, enthusiasm, persistence, humour, patience and time that goes into a professional blog or vlog effort must be utterly astounding. When travelling anywhere in the world, time is always the thief. After exploring and walking all day in a new destination, we sometimes return to the hotel with pounding feet, pounding heads, aching knees, grumpy, exhausted, frazzled and starving for a proper meal. At that point I can’t imagine sitting in front of the computer for another 2-3 hours trying to edit daily footage, thoughts and dialog, as the pro bloggers do.

Favourite Destinations



San Francisco

My absolute favourite destination. If I had a money tree I’d go to London every year and never tire of it. Samuel Pepys had it right.

My soul lives here. If I could live anywhere else in Canada, this is where I’d be. Such a livable city, built for pedestrians.

The magical city by the bay. A special place. Mecca.

Destinations: Wishlist

So, where would I like to travel next? My current bucket list of places I’ve never visited and would love to experience in the next few years looks something like this:

Prague, Czech Republic
Munich and Bavaria, Germany
Budapest, Hungary
Rome, Italy
Belgium: Bruges, Ghent, Brussels

York, U.K.
Manchester, U.K.
The Tuscany region, Italy
Vancouver Island, B.C.

I little lower down my list I have the destinations I’d like to visit “some day”:

Salzburg and western Austria
Venice, Italy
Romania (for my photography)
PEI, Canada
Dover, U.K.
Brighton, U.K.

The Scandinavian countries
New York City
Washington, D.C.
Athens, Greece

Destinations: Redux

I also keep a second bucket list of places I’ve already visited, but would like to return to spend more time and explore further:

Jasper, Alberta
Berlin, Germany
Bratislava, Slovakia
London, U.K. (of course!)
Canterbury, U.K.

Montreal, P.Q.
Vancouver, B.C.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Glasgow, Scotland
San Francisco, California

Thank You…

My sincere thanks to all who take the time to follow my adventures by reading my “Wanderings” on this blog. The sharing of the adventure is as important to me as living the adventure.


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