A Food & Drink Guide To Our Portugal Trip



Hamburgueria Burgers and Tacos
Rua Augusta 96
No surprises with a name like this, but their burgers are truly juicy and delicious.

Grilled & Company
Rua Augusta 152
A great lunch menu here. Nothing fancy but the food was delicious. They also make a great full English-style breakfast.

Pastelaria Ferrary
Rua Augusta 189
Great seafood dishes here.

La Vita é Bella Restaurante Italiano
Rua da Prata 115
Great pasta here!

Goodfellas Italian Cuisine
Rua Augusta 162
They make a great traditional (i.e. English) breakfast here.

Can The Can
Praça do Comércio 82 83
One of the best meals we had in Lisbon. Fantastic food; we had a lovely meal here, complete with desserts and cocktails. They even brought us liqueurs that were “on the house”. All delicious and highly recommended.
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Cozinha d`Avó Celeste
Rua Augusta 282
Some good traditional and vegetarian dishes here.
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Restaurante Solar Do Duque
Rua do Duque, 67 Chiado – Sacramento
Restaurant was overcrowded; no privacy with the seating. Bland, so-so food.

Tabenna do Castelo
Prata do Dia, Largo São Martinho,
Great lunch spot. Had some very good pasta here. Avoid grilled meat dishes, though (not that good).

Tanuki Sushi Augusta
Rua de São Nicolau 78
This was the restaurant in our Lisbon hotel. Despite the name it wasn’t all sushi on the menu. Was average fare though with their Asian and seafood dishes.

Don Costini
Praça Dom Luís I 32, 1200-109, Cais do Sodré
This resto describes its cuisine as “Italian-American fusion”. Fantastic quality – we had a massive burger and pizza here.
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Tv. de Santo Antão 12
Brutally overcrowded and the tables are practically on top of each other, but the Piri Piri Chicken here is some of the best in Lisbon. Bonjardim is well-known for this.
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(drinks/snacks/rest breaks)

O Cantinho dos Seis
Rua São Tomé 6
No website or reviews for this restaurant

Locanda Italiana
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 47
Located on pedestrian street. OK for a rest stop.

MAAT Café & Kitchen
MAAT Museum, Av. Brasília (Belem)
Too stuffy and expensive for a full meal, but it made for a great coffee/rest stop.

Oficina Do Duque
54 Da Oliveira Ao Carmo
Great cocktails here.

Um Electrico Chamado Tagide Chiado
Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes, 1200-005
A quiet, relaxing place for a drink and rest stop. Can’t beat the architecture – the café is hosted from a miniature tram car.


Gelato Davvero
Avenida Dom Carlos I, 39
Exceptional gelato in Lisbon

Il Gelatone
Rua Santo António da Sé 1
Truly delicious gelato

Scoop & Dough
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 78
A completely Vegan experience. Gelato served inside a huge donut. Wickedly good.

Rua do Carmo 9
Luxurious ice cream!


Rua Augusta 195
Home of Lisbon’s best Pastei de Natas!

Casa Pereira Da Conceicão
Rua Augusta 102
Upscale coffee, tea and chocolate vendor

Time Out Market
Mercado da Ribeira, Avenida 24 de Julho
We didn’t eat here but the place is worth a visit. Huge marketplace with multiple food vendors. Billed as “the best of Lisbon under one roof”. Absolute chaos – don’t come here if you’re seeking a peaceful and quite meal. I hated it.

Various locations, Lisbon
Ginjinha is a Portuguese liquor made by infusing ginja berries (sour cherry, Prunus cerasus austera, the Morello cherry) in alcohol (aguardente) and adding sugar together with other ingredients, with cloves and/or cinnamon sticks being the most common. Ginjinha is served in a shot form with a piece of the fruit in the bottom of the cup. It is a favourite liqueur of many Portuguese and a typical drink in Lisbon and other Portugal cities. Bonus points if it’s served in a edible chocolate cup!



A Brasileira
Rua de Sá da Bandeira 91
Good food. A little on the expensive side as the restaurant is in an upscale hotel with an 115-year history. They make a great Francesinha!
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Restaurante Mercearia
Rua Cais da Ribeira, 32/33 A
Delicious but food was way over-priced. In busy restaurant strip beside the Douro river.

Pimm’s Café
Rua do Infante Dom Henrique 95
Comfortable, casual eatery in a historic part of Porto.

Fiume Douro
Rua Cais da Ribeira, 22
Riverside location. Delicious but food was severely under-portioned and over-priced due to its prime tourist location beside the Douro river.
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Restaurante Beira Rio
Av. de Diogo Leite 64, Vila Nova de Gaia
Good food. Lots of fish on the menu, and lots of people watching from the patio. Busy area.

Café Santiago F
Rua de Passos Manuel 226
Home of Porto’s best Francesinha! Not to be missed
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Café Portas do Olival
Campo dos Mártires da Pátria 126
Great place for lunch. Is the oldest café in Porto. Old-world style, very casual.

Estambul Doner Kebap & Pizza
Rua de Sampaio Bruno, 4000-065
Great Doners here!

Café Santiago
Rua de Passos Manuel 226
Another one of the small Santiago chain. Utterly delicious.

Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre 90
Delicious pasta. Great atmosphere.
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(drinks/snacks/rest breaks)

Confeitaria Primar
Rua do Carmo, 3-5
Cozy coffee shop. Great patio.

Bella Roma
Rua de Sampaio Bruno 19
Huge pastry shop with extensive selection. Traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Bistro Flores
PortoBay Flores Hotel, Rua das Flores 27
Part of the Porto Bay Flores hotel. Great patio and people watching.


Boutique do Gelato
Junto à Torre dos Clérigos, Rua da Assunção 26
OMG… Best ice cream in Porto!

Mona Lisa Gelateria Italiana
Rua de Santa Catarina 505
Delicious gelato, and so interestingly presented. Located on pedestrian mall.

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