London: Friday, May 5

I woke with the vague sense that something was not quite right. Looking at my CPAP stats, it told me I just had a sleep of 16.49 hours!! It is 12:22PM the next day – Friday! Whaaaa?? Geez, Rip Van Winkle or what? So much for my plan of venturing into central London for the day to check out the brouhaha over King Charles’ coronation, which was happening the next day.

I showered, grabbed my trusty little Ricoh camera, and took a walk along Bath Road to see what the Hounslow/Cranford ‘hood looks like – the answer is “not spectacular”, but it’s an ethnically diverse part of London certainly worth a view:

On my walk I came across a Tesco Express so I bought a few food items to bring back to the hotel room. Returning to my room I ate to fill a little gap as I hadn’t had a meal so far today.

It had started to rain so further exploration of the neighbourhood came to an abrupt halt. I got caught up on this journal, read a little bit, then at 6:00PM went down to the hotel dining room. There, I indulged in the great British tradition of fish and chips – I had the Haddock, and it was actually quite good.

While on the ground floor of the hotel I took a few shots of the interior:

Returning to my room I packed up my luggage for tomorrow morning’s (very) early departure for Pisa, Italy. I turned in at about 9:30PM, and that’s when the trouble started – I simply COULD. NOT. SLEEP – at all. I felt wide awake and energetic. I lay there for hours, tossing and turning, and cursing my 16 and a half hours over-sleep session from the previous night. So unbelievably frustrating to not fall asleep when I needed so desperately to be well rested for the busy travel day ahead.

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