Here’s a few suggestions for activities and entertainment while visiting Edinburgh, Scotland. These are things I’ve done myself while in Edinburgh. Everybody’s mileage will differ, of course, but I found the following activities really fun and interesting.

Trike Tours Scotland

For me, this is still one of the most awesome things we’ve done while travelling. When we visited Edinburgh in 2013, I booked this road trip with a twist. Trike Tours Scotland is a company that tours you around Scotland in a modified motorcycle. There are two elevated passenger seats behind the driver, and a rollbar-like thing keeps you in the seat as you buzz along the Scottish roads at what feels like top speed. This is such a unique thing to do – If you want the wind in your hair and the open road, this is your gig. The Owner/Manager of Trike Tours Scotland is one Gordon Shon, an amazing and friendly man.

Here’s some video footage of us on the trike tour, blasting along the Scottish roads (you might want to turn your volume down as there’s a pretty loud wind noise):

If you'd like to read my TripAdvisor review of our Trike Tours Scotland adventure, click here.

Edinburgh Castle

Salisbury Crags

Arthur’s Seat

Mercat Tours

Mercat’s tour of the Blair Street Underground Vaults is not to be missed! More info here.

Mary King’s Close

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