Day 9: Saturday, September 16

Wandering Through East-Central Amsterdam

We had no firm plan for our meanderings today but we thought it might be interesting to venture into the eastern section of central Amsterdam to see that part of the city.

A Few Random Street Shots to Start the Day

The Dutch can be very irreverent
“Love locks” on the canal
Sint Anthoniesluis


Just by chance we discovered this beautiful and peaceful park, called Wertheimpark:

In Wertheimpark we came across The Auschwitz Monument (or Auschwitzmonument in Dutch). Consisting of a series of broken mirrors, it is a tribute to all of those who were killed at Auschwitz. Created by artist Jan Wolkers.

We spent a good deal of time touring the The Dutch Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum). The museum chronicles, in great detail, the efforts the Dutch put forth to resist Hitler’s advances in WWII.

A Walk Through the Old Jewish Quarter

A pretty, but cluttered, garden in the Old Jewish Quarter


We then moved on to Rembrantplein (Rembrandt Square) to check out the various Rembrandt statues, art and reproductions:

The Begijnhof

It was getting a little wet again from the rain, so we made one final stop at the beautiful and peaceful Begijnhof. The Begijnhof somewhat resembles a convent, although the Beguines enjoy greater freedom than nuns in a convent.

One last random street shot:

…And then – guess what – the rain started, which made us feel like this:


So we called it a day and returned to the hotel!

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