Day 8: Friday, September 15

A Day Trip To Haarlem, Netherlands

Today there was an odd, yellow glowing ball in the sky and a warm, yellow light being cast over everything. We puzzled over this strange anomaly and finally concluded that this must be the sun finally shining – believe it or not – which we had rarely seen since we arrived in the Netherlands.

We needed a break from bustling Amsterdam, so planned this day trip out from the city. Haarlem is absolutely beautiful and is very quick and easy to reach on the train – about 15-20 minutes from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station.

Haarlem is an ancient city, built in 1245, but has been made somewhat modern. It’s a nice size – 156,000 residents. It sounds like reverse logic, but the locals tell us that many people live in Amsterdam and commute to Haarlem to work.

We truly enjoyed our day – and the rare sunshine – in this beautiful city.

Train from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station to Haarlem

Wandering Around Haarlem

Browsing in the Haarlem shops
The river Spaarne
The streets of Haarlem: much quieter than Amsterdam
Local cheese shop
Haarlem’s Grote Markt (Great Market), the central market square
In the Grote Markt

The following four shots are of the Grote of St.-Bavokerk (Great Church of St. Bavos), a beautiful building located in Haarlem’s Grote Markt (“great Market”):

The pipe organ (far end of church) where Mozart used to play

Lunch Time…

HHmmmmm.. what’s for lunch?

Back to exploring the town after filling our faces:

Many canals, just like neighbouring Amsterdam
Some local street art
The windmill De Adriaan

Night Photography Tour

After a full day in Haarlem, we returned on the train to Amsterdam for the evening’s activities ahead. I had booked a night photography tour with the excellent Amsterdam Photo Safari company, and was lucky enough to once again get Chris Page as the guide/host (as we had last Sunday for our day photo tour). Vince opted out of the night course as he felt it really wasn’t his thing (he’s more a point-and-shoot guy), and night photography is very time consuming and tedious by default.

Here are some of my shots from that session:

A very calm finish to a lovely day…

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