Day 4: Thursday, September 27

Wandering Through Penzance

Today was a totally free day for me so I took advantage of the glorious weather happening here and set out wandering around the town of Penzance. I brought no timelines or maps on my walk today. My only agenda was getting pleasantly lost in the cobweb of streets and producing lots of photos.

Here then, is just a little of what I experienced today in the charismatic little town of Penzance in Cornwall:

Along The Seashore

Breakfast Time

I stopped for a full English Breakfast at a kitschy restaurant called “The Smuggler’s Den Penzance”. Call me crazy but I think there may be a theme going on here:

The Streets Of Penzance

The Causewayhead is so-named to indicate where the paved streets of the town gave way to the country road leading to Madron, where the mother church was located. In 1871 St. Mary’s parish was established in Penzance, so this road became less travelled as church-goers could then worship in Penzance. This pedestrian street was one of the busiest streets in Penzance, hosting everything from slaughterhouses to tradesmen with their businesses.
Cornish Pasties at Warren’s Bakery!
I found this “can-can girl” in someone’s back yard

Morrab Gardens

Jubilee Pool

Penzance has an awesome pool right beside the sea called Jubilee Pool. Interesting concept:

Created in 1935 in an art deco style, the Jubilee Pool sits beside the sea

St. Mary the Virgin Church, Penzance

The slowly setting evening sun threw some nice light on the church, its gravestones and statues:

Built in 1836, this church stands on the grounds of a medieval chapel. In the NW corner of the churchyard there is a massive cholera pit, the mass grave for victims of the 1832 epidemic. The church overlooks all of Penzance.

The Sun Sets In Penzance

This is a grade II listed granite warehouse directly on the water’s edge in Penzance. It was built as a bonded warehouse for storage of alcohol and tobacco for the customs and excise over 150 years ago and has since been converted into office spaces.

Penzance’s Winding Lanes And Stone Cottages

The sun set just after the last of these shots were taken. Penzance really rolls up its streets after about 6:00PM and it gets eerily quiet, with not a lot of people around.

This is my last night at the lovely, cozy Warwick House. Tomorrow I relocate to the Artist Residence to meet my photo group. That hotel will be our group’s Penzance base for the next five days while we tour up and down the rugged Cornwall coasts.

Stay tuned for more Cornwall adventures.

Over and out for Thursday.

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