Day 3: Monday, September 14

Last Day in Orillia

It was a beautiful, bright sunny day today. At 8:30 Vince picked up our breakfast from the hotel’s Reception and brought it up to our room; it was delicious as usual.

We finished breakfast, showered and got ready for the day. At about 10:00 I called Carol to see what she wanted to do for the day; we had planned to have dinner later that evening at Theos Eatery in Orillia. Carol said she would join us later, so Vince and I walked down Fittons Road East, then across Bay Street to the Lake Couchiching waterfront to spend some time. Carol said she would call us when she was ready to go.

On our walk we came across this dire case of lawn ornamentation overkill, one of the worst I’ve ever seen

We spent about an hour on the Orillia waterfront, taking it all in along with the bright sunlight:

Carol called to say she was ready so we walked back to the hotel, got the vehicle and made our way over to her place. She was waiting out the back of her apartment building, so we picked her up and made our way downtown, parking behind the Mariposa Market. We walked over to Mississauga Street (main street) and strolled up and down, looking at the shops. Unfortunately, many shops and services were closed as most Orillia stores don’t open on Mondays:

It was about 1:00 so we were thinking lunch thoughts. We came upon the Brewery Bay restaurant at 117 Mississauga Street East, which Carol said was very good, so we went in and got settled. We each had the most awesome burgers! Delicious.

Miss C. sez: Two thumbs up, guys!

After lunch we continued our walk down the main street, crossed, then made our way back, stopping in a couple of the stores which were open:

This store had the coolest green frogs

Carol bought a peach pie at Wilkie’s Bakery, which was destined to be our dessert later that night.

At about 4:15 we felt shopped-out and ready for rest, so we returned to our vehicle and went back to Carol’s place. So good to see the little girls again, and they were glad to see us!!


We made much of them (of course), and Abigail went off and hid as she frequently does with us after saying hello. Vince and I took Pippin out for a walk but there was construction going on beside Carol’s place and the diggers spooked poor Pip so she wanted to go back home, which we did – it was a very brief walk.

We thought it would be easier to just order a pizza and eat at Carol’s place rather than make our way out again for dinner (as it turns out, Theos was closed today anyway). We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut, which was very good and thoroughly enjoyed. Later, we had the peach pie that Carol had bought earlier in the day, and it was equally good.

We chatted and played with the girls until about 8:00PM, when we thought it was time to get back to the hotel. We exchanged our goodbye hugs to Carol and the little white girlies, got in the car and returned to the Stone Gate Inn.

We spent the remainder of the evening looking at our pictures from the day, reading and catching up on this journal. I called down to Reception and ordered tomorrow morning’s breakfast. We were off to bed at about 10:00PM.

This was our last night in Orillia – we hit the road for Collingwood tomorrow!

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