Day 2: Sunday, September 13

A Day Trip to Huntsville

We woke at about 7:30 to a grey and drizzly day. The breakfast service called at 8:30 to let us know our breakfast was ready for pickup. In the new world of COVID, the Stone Gate Inn no longer operates their breakfast room. Instead, on the night before your anticipated breakfast, the guest calls in their breakfast order to Reception using a supplied order form. The hotel guest then comes down to Reception in the morning and takes the breakfast tray back to the room and eats the meal there. Vince went down and retrieved our brekkie – it was pretty good for “grab and go” (sausage, eggs, fruit, you name it).

We had lots of time before meeting Carol a bit later in the morning, so we set off walking down Fittons Road East toward Lake Couchiching. It was a very nice walk; Vince took several pix along the way:

It was definitely a humid morning, but not hot. We reached Lake Couchiching on our walk, then returned to the hotel. By then it was about 11:15 so we called Carol and arranged to pick her up for our day trip to Huntsville.

We picked Carol up at her place; she was waiting for us at the back door of her building. We set our GPS for Huntsville and were off! It took about an hour to reach Huntsville, and it was a beautiful, scenic drive.

We arrived in Huntsville about 1:30. Our first task was to have lunch somewhere. We set the GPS for a place Carol suggested called Farmer’s Daughter.  We found the place on the edge of town but it was a farmer’s market kind of place, so not exactly what we were after. Carol did a Google search and came up with the highly-rated The Mill on Main on Huntsville’s main street. We went there, ordered lunch and it was truly fantastic! Highly recommended if you’re ever in Huntsville and looking for a good lunch option:

It’s not every day you see a buzzsaw on the ceiling of a restaurant

After lunch we strolled up and down Huntsville’s main street looking at, and in, the shops. The main street in Huntsville is quite quaint and old world; charming in its way:

We went into the Nutty Chocolatier and browsed for a long time – what a place! If you’ve got even the slightest sweet tooth, this place will get you drooling:

We all bought a few sweet treats, then went further down Main Street to BeaverTails. Carol had never had a BeaverTail so I suggested she go with the “Classic”, while I had the “Apple Pie” …ahhh BeaverTails… always sooooooo good!

After getting our sugar fix we left BeaverTails and did some more Main Street browsing. It was almost 5:00 so we thought we should soon hit the road back to Orillia. We made one last stop at a coffee shop called Affogato, where Carol got a coffee for the drive home:

I loved this sign on the Men’s Room door in Affogato

It was time to head back. We set the GPS and got on the road, arriving back in Orillia about 6:15. We parked at our hotel so we could all go to Foodland beside the hotel and get something for our dinner. We each bought small salads and subs, then drove to Carol’s place to drop her off. Vince and I headed back to the hotel. It was almost 7:00 at this point so we ate our coleslaw and subs, which were actually pretty good.

It was a quiet evening as we were tired from the day’s activities, and I was especially knackered from the day’s driving. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and resting. It had been a good day out.

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