Day 11: Monday, September 18

Time To Go Home!

Well, the time has come. Back to Toronto we must go.

Thank you Netherlands, it’s been a slice!!

Leaving Central Amsterdam

We were up at 7:00AM this morning and had breakfast at our hotel, the Linden. Leaving the Linden at about 9:00AM, we walked to Centraal Station to catch the train out to Schiphol Airport:

At Centraal Station, waiting for the train back to Schiphol airport
Not here yet…
Our chariot arrives in Centraal Station

At Schiphol Airport

Weird sculpture thingee on the way to the boarding gate

We checked in OK but there was a slight delay as Security scanned Vince’s CPAP and thought it suspicious (believe it or not).

Waiting in the boarding area for the flight call
Our plane back to Toronto: Air Canada flight #825
So long from Amsterdam!!!!

We boarded the plane, buckled in and waited for take-off. We were about a half-hour late lifting off, but finally pushed back about 12:30PM (local time) for the flight home. It was a beautifully smooth flight on return; fairly uneventful but when you’re flying, “uneventful” is usually a good thing.

Home Again

We landed at Pearson and got through Customs without incident. I’d prearranged a car with Toronto Airport Limo to pick us up, and they were waiting upon our landing. We arrived home at about 3:30PM to find all was well with the condo. We had to run out to Rabba to buy some food – there was no food in the house (at least nothing that wasn’t frozen)! Robert brought Sophie home at about 7:30PM; she too was glad to be home.

Taking A Break On The Major Bosshardt Statue, central Amsterdam

It’s been a great trip… thanks for following our adventures!

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