Day 10: Monday, September 21

The Tobermory Adventure Continues…

We were up earlier this morning than we had been for the entire trip (no more of this sleeping-in stuff)! We got started at about 7:30 this morning as we weren’t sure how our quest for breakfast would turn out. As it turned out, we needn’t have worried.

We left the motel at about 8:00 and went to Craigie’s Harbourview Restaurant in Little Tub Harbour for a takeaway meal. We had a Veggie Omelette (Vince) and a Western Omelette (me), plus coffee, tea, orange juice and a fruit salad. My share came to just under $27!! Expensive as hell but truly delicious and (mostly) worth the money. We ate our breakfast on one of the Harbourside outdoor tables having an umbrella. The antics of the ducks constantly amused us during our meal; most entertaining breakfast companions:

After breakfast we swung back to the hotel to pick up our day bags, cameras, etc. and use the facilities (last chance for a while!). Just before 10:00 we proceeded down to the Bruce Anchor Cruises boarding area on Big Tub Harbour to join the queue for our glass-bottomed boat tour departing at 10:20. It was interesting waiting in line with all the people – the Bruce Anchor company are really serious about sanitizing and staying COVID-free. Everyone had to wear a mask for the entire trip – no exceptions – and everyone had their temperatures taken and hand sanitizer dispensed by an employee prior to boarding the boat. Once the previous boatload had emptied, the cruise staff sprayed down the entire seating area with sanitizer before letting us board:

Our boat set out right on time. It was a great tour: in Big Tub Harbour we first passed slowly over the site of two shipwrecks – The City of Grand Rapids and The Sweepstakes – which had been underwater for over 100 years but still in pretty good condition. We were able to see these ancient shipwrecks via the glass bottom of the boat; also the water was so clear in the harbour that you could see the wrecks just by looking down over the edge of the boat (if interested you can learn more about these shipwrecks here):

Leaving the harbour the Captain put the pedal down (or whatever the nautical equivalent is) and we headed out into Georgian Bay. The tour was well narrated and paced. We passed through the Fathom Five National Marine Park and around a couple of smaller islands, then pulled into Flowerpot Island where we saw the big “Flowerpots” carved by nature’s elements (you can find a little more on their creation and history here):

The boat docked at Flowerpot Island and most people got off and only a few more got on. An optional three hour stop/hike at Flowerpot was offered but we passed on that for today’s excursion – next time for sure:

We motored through the harbour again, returning to the dock where we started. The whole excursion was just a little over an hour but was highly entertaining and well done. Really interesting:

After disembarking we went back to Little Tub Harbour, returned to Craigie’s Harbourview Restaurant and got a coffee/tea. We sat in the shade, just relaxing and taking in the vibe of the place:

After our little break we went into the Marco Polo Trading Post, which was absolutely packed with all kinds of knickknacks and fun stuff. I bought a souvenir magnet to add to our collection of travel magnets and Vince bought a cozy-looking throw.

By this time it was after Noon so we opted for lunch. We decided on the Princess Hotel in Little Tub Harbour and found a seat inside. Vince had a Club House Sandwich and I had the House Burger – all very good.

From the Princess Hotel we crossed to the other side of Little Tub Harbour with the objective of having a BeaverTail at the BT booth. Sadly, BeaverTails Tobermory is only open on Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 6:00, so we were out of luck. Disappointed (especially me), we settled for a place across the way called Peninsula Ice Cream & Treats. We ventured in and found they made milkshakes from any of the in-store ice cream flavours (which had to be in excess of 40). I settled for Heavenly Hash and Vince got the Butter Pecan > absolutely freaking awesome!! Crazy-good! My spirits had been rejuvenated.

We returned to the hotel to ditch the extra stuff we had (purchases, coats, day bags), then set out for a long walk on Big Tub Road to get out to the Big Tub Lighthouse on the end of the Bruce Peninsula, about an 8km walk, return. We got out to the lighthouse, took a lot of shots and admired the great view. We eventually set out on the walk back – so nice and relaxing. All in all we were gone for almost three hours.

It was about 4:15 when we got back to the hotel. Time for a little rest! – I laid down and fell asleep (had an incredibly lousy sleep the night before, so very tired) while Vince read.

At about 6:00 we made our way to Shipwreck Lee’s Pirate Bistro for dinner, scene of last night’s very successful and delicious chicken dinner. Sitting inside this time rather than on the patio, Vince had the hamburger with all the fixings and I had the Whitefish and Chips > so good:

Call me crazy, but I detect a theme here…. hhmmmm. Anyway, we finished up at Shipwreck Lee’s about 7:30 and made our way back to the motel as the sun was setting. It had been a great day and this was a perfect end to the day and to our trip in general.

The rest of the evening was spent just taking it easy (as usual), with Vince reading and me catching up on this journal and reviewing the day’s pictures. This was our last night in Tobermory and the end of our trip – tomorrow we head back to the big city and back to our lives. This trip was the perfect break and diversion we both needed.

Off to bed early again tonight. All this sun, exercise and fresh air is exhausting!

Today’s bonus shots: Work that mask, baby!!

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